CT Brownlow

Interviews with Film Historians and Filmmakers

The Commentary Track features in-depth interviews with authorities on film history — people who preserve it, who write about it and, in some cases, who made it.

Master historians Kevin Brownlow, Sam Gill, David Shepard, Robert Birchard, Anthony Slide and Rudy Behlmer.

Biographers Joseph McBride (Frank Capra, John Ford, Howard Hawks), Dwayne Epstein (Lee Marvin), Marilyn Moss (George Stevens, Raoul Walsh), and David Pollock (Bob and Ray).

Composers and Musicians Carl Davis, Jon Mirsalis, Michael Mortilla, and Rodney Sauer.

Actors and Performers Jim Beaver (Deadwood, Supernatural), Phil Proctor (The Firesign Theatre),  Trace Beaulieu (MST 3K), Nick Santa Maria (Biffle and Shuster).

Filmmakers Joe Dante (director: Gremlins, The Howling, and Matinee), Craig Barron (Matte artist: Titanic, The Alamo), Ben Burtt (Sound design: Star Wars Lincoln, Wall-E), Lloyd Kaufman (Producer, writer and director, Troma Pictures).

…and many more.


Radio Movies with Frank Thompson

Radio Movies with Frank Thompson brings back radio dramas from the 1930s and ’40s which were based on popular films of the era — sometimes performed by members of the original movies’ casts.

Thompson introduces each episode with background on the film’s production and information about the stars and directors.

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