Public Enemy–1 copy

I started The Commentary Track in 2012. It was created to feature in-depth conversations with film historians and archivists as well as actors, composers and filmmakers who have a deep knowledge and love for films of the past. Until February, 2016, I did just that. The Commentary Track’s guests have included many top film historians – Kevin Brownlow, David Shepard, Sam Gill, Bob Birchard, Rudy Behlmer, Leonard Maltin, Richard M. Roberts, Jordan R. Young, Jerry Beck, John Bengtson and many others. Actors such as Jim Beaver, Trace Beaulieu and George Chakiris; filmmakers Joe Dante, Craig Barron and Ben Burtt; authors James Curtis, Steve Bingen, Marilyn Moss, Tracey Goessel and Matthew Kennedy – in fact, too many guests to list them all here.

In late 2015, a perfect storm of technical issues combined with a series of financial reversals made it impossible to continue. I had already recorded several new episodes but was unable to finish and post them.

So, in the spring of 2017, I determined to bring The Commentary Track back and started a fund-raising campaign on GoFundMe to do so.

That campaign brought in barely enough money for me to keep the existing podcasts available with nothing left over for new equipment and the other necessary expenses.

So please consider supporting this podcast. Any contribution is welcome. And if you can’t toss any money this way – believe me, I understand – please spread the word to your friends. Especially, you know, your rich friends.

Just click on this link, and away we go.